"I bring the techniques for fulfilling both individual and group potential in schools and businesses across the UK."

- Kate Butler | Speaker - Facilitator - Mentor


Kate Butler lives in Gloucester and is available as a speaker, facilitator and mentor both throughout the UK and internationally. Kate speaks on a variety of topics including pre and postnatal depression, having a positive outlook on life and bullying. The workshops she facilitates lead participants towards using empathy to improve their workplace, reducing stress and establishing assertiveness. As a mentor, Kate works a wide range of individuals from business professionals to school children to combat the negativity which prevents them reaching their fullest potential. Much of Kate’s work in schools is in connection to The National Enterprise Challenge.

What people are saying

“Kate helped me enormously to regain my confidence at work last year. I found Kate really easy to talk to and she really boosted my confidence when it was very low.  After returning from maternity leave to a stressful, busy and demanding job, Kate really helped me to realise my strengths and gave me what I needed to get myself back on track.  I am really grateful for Kate’s help and would be very glad to fully recommend her to anyone.” ~ L Brown

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